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  • Jääportit full-albums on YouTube

    Jääportit full-albums on YouTube

    Hello. Here’s YouTube links for listening to Jääportit albums freely on YouTube with good quality. Voimasuo (2009) Avarrus (2006) Jääportit – Uumenissa (2004) Jääportit – Kauan koskematon (1999) Thanks to The Dungeon Synth Archives Youtube channel for the uploads! All albums are available as digital download on our Bandcamp-site: jaaportit.bandcamp.com More news coming up later […]

  • Fresh material 2017: “Poies”

    Fresh material 2017: “Poies”

    Fresh Jääportit material titled as “Poies – Away”. Listen on Youtube (single version 2017) Listen on SoundCloud (album version 2018)

  • New single “Kadonnut”

    New single “Kadonnut”

    Listen up latest footage found from the depths of mystic matters!

  • New single “Ajaton Olema”

    New single “Ajaton Olema”

    Hello. For all of those who might be wondering about new Jääportit material, I’ve been working on many other time consuming music projects besides Jääportit, therefore this project has been lurking in the shadows for some time. Yet it is hard to say will there be another album or not, but I decided to release…

  • Kauan koskematon – digital album release

    Kauan koskematon – digital album release

    By popular request here’s the official digital copy of “Kauan koskematon” album originally released on cassette-tape in 1999 – almost 15 years ago! Listen to / download album at our BandCamp site: http://jaaportit.bandcamp.com/album/kauan-koskematon Kauan koskematon by Jääportit

  • Uumenissa album back in stock

    Uumenissa album back in stock

    We got our hands on the last copies of the original Jääportit – Uumenissa albums (released back in 2004 by Firebox Records). Albums are now available directly from the band! SUOMEKSI: Saimme käsiimme viimeisiä kappaleita alkuperäisiä Jääportit – Uumenissa -levyjä (julkaistu vuonna 2004). Levyjä on nyt saatavilla suoraan bändiltä. Listen to the album | Kuuntele…