New single “Ajaton Olema”

Hello. For all of those who might be wondering about new Jääportit material, I’ve been working on many other time consuming music projects besides Jääportit, therefore this project has been lurking in the shadows for some time.

Yet it is hard to say will there be another album or not, but I decided to release this new single track titled “Ajaton Olema” digitally anyways. Making of the track was started in 2011 and mix was finished in 2014. If you like, listen to it at SoundCloud or YouTube.

The fact is that Jääportit lives on, no matter what I do or don’t do, and as a one-man project, Jääportit can’t never split up. All possibilities are open, there’s always an another gateway to be found and sounds to explore.

More to come, I might say.

With the best regards,
T. M. Mäkelä, Jääportit