Jääportit 2024 by Peter Beste

Unveiling the Frosty Realms

From Winter Dungeon Synth to Electronic Ambient Frost-Rock

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Descend into the icy embrace of Jääportit

GATEWAY through the frosted landscapes of sound

Welcome to the world of Jääportit, a sonic expedition born from the icy expanse of Northern Finland. Led by the visionary Tuomas Mäkelä, this project weaves together frosty ambient, darkwave, experimental electronica, and post-rock into a tapestry of sound.

Synthesizers intertwine with the whispers of nature, creating a haunting symphony that transports you to stark, evocative landscapes. Evolution of Jääportit, from its 1997 dungeon synth roots to its modern frost-rock form, reflects a deep connection to the desolate beauty of Northern Finland.

Melodies that linger in the frozen air

Each note crafted by Jääportit resonates with a profound depth, drawing you into a sonic exploration of the frozen corners of your imagination. Immerse yourself in melodies that chill and enthrall, a testament to the power of sound to paint vivid worlds.

Whether you’re a seasoned ambient listener or a curious voyager seeking new musical territories, Jääportit offers a portal to a captivating realm of sound. Prepare to be swept away to dreamscapes sculpted from glacial melodies, where the music resonates with your very soul.

Jääportit - Taianomainen
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Jääportit – Taianomainen

Dive into new track “Taianomainen (Magical)” by Jääportit – a captivating blend of post-rock and atmospheric electronic elements, infused with Nordic mysticism. Experience a journey through a frostbitten Finnish winter forest with ethereal melodies and driving rhythms.

Jääportit single released December 1, 2023.

Latest News

  • Jääportit Performing at Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV

    Jääportit Performing at Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV

    The frigid winds of Finland weren’t just metaphorical at Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV. This past weekend, at The Raven in Worcester, Massachusetts (March 29th-31st), I had the privilege of joining Finnish music project Jääportit onstage for electrifying live debut. This three-day festival is a haven for dungeon synth enthusiasts, and performing with Jääportit was an…

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  • Jääportit live at Northeast Dungeon Siege 2024 festival

    Jääportit live at Northeast Dungeon Siege 2024 festival

    Exciting news! Brace yourselves for the enchantment as Jääportit takes the stage for a live performance at Northeast Dungeon Siege 2024 on March 29th-31st in Worcester, Massachusetts, USA. A surreal moment too magical to miss – let’s make it happen! ❄️🎶 Check out more details about the festival at https://linktr.ee/NEDSTV

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  • Jääportit – Taianomainen – new single out  1.12.2023

    Jääportit – Taianomainen – new single out 1.12.2023

    Journey into the heart of winter with Jääportit’s ‘Taianomainen’ – a chilling and dark instrumental single that merges post-rock and electronic elements. Brace yourself for a frostbitten sonic adventure like no other.

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