Jääportit is a one-man music project from Northern Finland.

Music style ranges from 1997 winter dungeon synth ambient to nowadays electronic ambient frost-rock, using both synthetic and natural sounds to create cold and dark atmospheres.

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  • Kauan koskematon -vinyl and new merch available Sept 5 2022

    Kauan koskematon -vinyl and new merch available Sept 5 2022

    The first Jääportit album “Kauan koskematon” – the 1999 winter synth classic – available on vinyl for first time ever. Vinyl will be released by Out Of Season, record label based in Maine, USA, at Monday Sept 5, 2022, at 2PM EST.Limited to 300 copies on ice blue vinyl with big A2 size glossy poster. […]

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  • New single Kaikkeuden korvennus out August 26 2022

    New single Kaikkeuden korvennus out August 26 2022

    It’s time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jääportit with the new music! New single “Kaikkeuden korvennus” (“Scorching Universe” in English) will be released on all digital platforms next Friday, August 26, 2022. Track offers a glimpse of the authentic Jääportit frost-rock sound and is part of the upcoming album to be released later. The…

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  • Nightmarish ep (from 2001)

    Nightmarish ep (from 2001)

    Odd side-project from the past: Qmas_qwrj was this minimalistic and experimental electronic music side-project created by me. Now, 21 years after it’s release, full album is available on YouTube for some reason. So these strange songs started to born somewhere at the end of 1999 as an experiment to create different kind of music, using…

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Kaikkeuden korvennus” (“Scorching Universe” in English) – frostbitten and dark melancholic frost-rock music from Northern Finland.

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