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Welcome to the captivating world of Jääportit, music project hailing from the icy landscapes of Northern Finland. Led by the visionary artist T. M. Mäkelä, Jääportit encompasses a range of genres, including frosty ambient, darkwave, experimental electronica, and post-rock.

Through a unique blend of synthetic and natural sounds, Jääportit creates mesmerizing compositions that transport listeners to cold and dark atmospheres, evoking a sense of melancholy and introspection.

From its early beginnings in 1997 winter dungeon synth ambient to its contemporary incarnation of electronic ambient frost-rock, music has evolved, reflecting the artist’s deep connection to the desolate forests and frosty dreamlike realms of Northern Finland.

The haunting melodies and chilling harmonies crafted by Jääportit resonate with a profound emotional depth, creating a sonic journey through the frozen landscapes of the imagination.

Immerse yourself in frozen melodies

The music of Jääportit is a testament to the power of artistic expression and the unique ability to evoke vivid imagery through sound.

Whether you are a seasoned ambient enthusiast or an intrepid explorer of new musical horizons, this website offers a gateway to a captivating world of soundscapes that will leave you mesmerized and yearning for more.

Join on a sonic odyssey, delving into the enigmatic world of Jääportit. Discover the evolution of the project’s music, explore the fusion of genres, and experience the captivating atmospheres.

Get ready to be transported to frozen dreamscapes, where the ethereal melodies of Jääportit resonate with the depths of your soul.

More about Jääportit

Short introduction to Jääportit including the tale behind the band name.

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Jääportit Biography

A Tale of Musical Evolution: Jääportit’s Path from Dungeon Synth to Frost-Rock. Read and listen to a brief history of Jääportit.

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Jääportit Discography

Frozen Echoes: Delve into the Diverse Discography of Jääportit.

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Jääportit Videos

Visualizing the Icy Soundscapes: Jääportit Music Videos.

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Listen to latest single Kaikkeuden korvennus (Scorching Universe)

Let the haunting notes of the new track by Jääportit envelop you in a realm of frozen emotions, where northern Finland’s frost-rock music casts its captivating spell.

News & updates

  • Kauan koskematon – Official woven patches

    Kauan koskematon – Official woven patches

    Now available: Jääportit – Kauan koskematon – Official woven patches. Size: 110mm x 80mm (4.33 x 3.14 inches) Limited to 50 copies of which 20 will be available from the me. Released by Veil of the Void Patches Now available at Please take contact via e-mail or DM for more details or bundle prices, thanks!

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  • Kauan koskematon -vinyl and new merch available Sept 5 2022

    Kauan koskematon -vinyl and new merch available Sept 5 2022

    The first Jääportit album “Kauan koskematon” – the 1999 winter synth classic – available on vinyl for first time ever. Vinyl will be released by Out Of Season, record label based in Maine, USA, at Monday Sept 5, 2022, at 2PM EST.Limited to 300 copies on ice blue vinyl with big A2 size glossy poster.…

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  • New single Kaikkeuden korvennus out August 26 2022

    New single Kaikkeuden korvennus out August 26 2022

    It’s time to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Jääportit with the new music! New single “Kaikkeuden korvennus” (“Scorching Universe” in English) will be released on all digital platforms next Friday, August 26, 2022. Track offers a glimpse of the authentic Jääportit frost-rock sound and is part of the upcoming album to be released later. The…

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Mesmerizing blend of ambient, atmospheric, dark ambient, dark wave, dreamy, dungeon synth, electroacoustic, electronica, experimental, instrumental, industrial, post-rock, progressive, space music, synthetic, winter synth,
creating a chilling and immersive musical experience.