Kauan koskematon

Icy frostbitten portals of the early years of Jääportit.  Calm and tranquil yet bewitching and mesmerizing winter ambient.

‘Kauan Koskematon’ is majestic yet mournful, a forever milestone in dungeon synth winter epic tradition of the 1990s’.

Originally released as cassette tape in 1999.
Re-released as CD digipak in 2018.
Re-released as pro-tape in 2020.

All songs was composed and produced by Tuomas M. Mäkelä during the winter 1998-1999.

Mixed by Olli Niemitalo and Tuomas M. Mäkelä.

Original album cover art by Aslak Tolonen (Nest).


 Title in FinnishTitle in English
01.Askeleet valottomuuteenTreads To The Absence Of Light
02.Kauan koskematonAeons Untouched
03.Unohdetut lumouksen unelmatForgotten Dreams Of Enchantment
04.KauasFar Away
05.Tulensinisen hohtoShining Of Fire Blue
07.Hänen jäätävä katseensaHer Freezing Gaze
08.Kohtalon sinettiSeal Of Destiny

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Reviews and comments

The rarefied atmospheres take the listener to a world where human coordinates are lost, in favour of a transfiguration towards purer and more ethereal forms of existence.

-Valerio, Crypta Nivis Webzine

The music is well played, well constructed and really sucks you into its depths.

-Solemn webzine

It consists of a beautiful arrangement of various synth sounds, creating a dark and depressing atmosphere, yet very beautiful.

-SkullFuck webzine

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Jääportit – Askeleet valottomuuteen 

Se mitä ei näe valossa
Erottuu yössä
Eräiden kosketuksena
Varjoissa tuntemattomina

Muistot tummasta unesta
Kehottavat olemaan
Yhtä kanssanne

Lopeta kylmyyden tuska
Veitsi vereen kasta

– Tuomas M. Mäkelä, 1998.