Kauan koskematon

Album was originally released on cassette-tape, limited to 500 copies, by Finnish Noitavasara label in autumn 1999. Original album is not available anymore.

All songs was composed and produced by Tuomas M. Mäkelä during the winter 1998-1999. Mixed by Olli Niemitalo and Tuomas M. Mäkelä.

Album cover art was made by Aslak Tolonen.


# Track title in Finnish Alternate track title in English Length
01. Askeleet valottomuuteen Paces To The Absence Of Light 05:42
02. Kauan koskematon Ages Untouched 05:29
03. Unohdetut lumouksen unelmat Forgotten Dreams Of Enchantment 04:32
04. Kauas Faraway 04:23
05. Tulensinisen hohto Shining Of Fire Blue 04:09
06. Talvenkaltainen Winter Approaching 07:33
07. Hänen jäätävä katseensa Her Freezing Gaze 06:41
08. Kohtalon sinetti Seal Of Destiny 01:36

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Reviews and Comments

The rarefied atmospheres take the listener to a world where human coordinates are lost, in favour of a transfiguration towards purer and more ethereal forms of existence.
-Valerio, Crypta Nivis Webzine

The music is well played, well constructed and really sucks you into its depths.
– Solemn webzine

It consists of a beautiful arrangement of various synth sounds, creating a dark and depressing atmosphere, yet very beautiful.
– SkullFuck webzine

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