Crafting Icy Atmospheres

and Frostbitten Melodies

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Introducing Jääportit

Evoking the Winter Spirit

Jääportit is the visionary creation of an artist T. M. Mäkelä, hailing from the remote landscapes of Northern Finland. With a musical style that spans from 1997 winter dungeon synth ambient to contemporary electronic ambient frost-rock, Jääportit meticulously crafts compositions that evoke cold and dark atmospheres.

Working at the intersection of genres such as frosty ambient, darkwave, experimental electronica, and post-rock, Jääportit seamlessly blends synthetic and natural sounds to conjure melancholic atmospheres for desolate forests and frosty dreamlike realms.

T. M. Mäkelä, the driving force behind the project, handles guitars, bass, keyboards, synthesizers and drum sequencers to compose and produce the captivating music. Occasionally guest musicians have been involved.

Exploring Cold Soundscapes

Over the years, Jääportit has released five full-length albums and contributed single tracks to various compilation albums.

The latest album, simply titled “Jääportit,” was unveiled on February 8th, 2018, marking a significant milestone in the artist’s discography.

With each release, Jääportit invites listeners on an introspective journey, immersing them in haunting melodies and evocative soundscapes.

Explore the enchanting musical world of Jääportit and experience the evocative beauty that arises from the fusion of icy atmospheres and musical mystery.

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The meaning of the name Jääportit



The name “Jääportit” is derived from the Finnish language, where “Jää” means “Ice” and “Portit” translates to “Gates” in English. It can also be interpreted as “The Gates of Ice” or more freely as “The Frostportals.”

This name perfectly encapsulates the essence of the frostbitten music created by Jääportit, serving as a constant source of inspiration. The word “Jää” signifies the freezing coldness, while “Portit” conveys a sense of grandeur, representing a portal or gateway between the realms of dreams and reality, adorned with a layer of frost.

In keeping with the Finnish roots, all album and track titles are also written in Finnish. However English translations for these titles can be found on the website. Fusion of Finnish language and its translations adds an additional layer of depth and intrigue to the music, inviting you to explore the captivating landscapes and emotions woven within each composition.

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