Frostbitten music from Northern Finland

Jääportit was formed by Tuomas M. Mäkelä in Northern Finland at the autumn of 1997.


This one man music project works somewhere in between genres like frosty ambient, darkwave, experimental electronica and post-rock using both synthetic and natural sounds to create cold melancholic atmospheres. Tuomas solely deals with the guitars, keyboards and synthesizers to compose and produce the music.


“Music based on dark desolate forests and frosty dreamlike realms.”


During the years five full-length albums and various single tracks on different compilation albums has been released. Latest album Jääportit was released at February 8th, 2018.

The meaning of the name Jääportit

The name Jääportit is written in Finnish language and could be translated in English as The Gates of Ice or The Frostportals. Name reflects music and gives me inspiration. Ice is about coldness and Gates is about something pompous, a place you could enter to, place you have not been before.


As a band name it’s a bit difficult for other than Finnish people because there is scandinavian letter ä times two, but I was conscious of this fact when thinking about the name. I had the name before I started whole project so there will be no change to that. All album and track titles are written in Finnish too, but I usually include English translations with the albums.