Jääportit – Uumenissa – album was released by Firebox Records as CD Digipak (FIRECD021) at July 14th, 2004.

Music and sounds was created, mixed and produced by Tuomas M. Mäkelä in Tajuntani Studio during times and space from 1999 to 2004, except track 01 was mixed by Olli Niemitalo. Mastered at Soundmix Studio.

Watercolor paintings created by Mindy.
Album cover design by Tuomas.


Title in Finnish Title in English
01. Tulien tuli Fire Of Flames 04:46
02. Luomaan lunta Creation Of Snow 07:39
03. Maa pirstaleista Debris Of Earth 03:56
04. Ilmaan kylmään Of To The Cold Air 05:41
05. Unisena Somnolence 08:28
06. Vuoksen Behalf 06:21
07. Huuruportaali Frost Portal 04:50
08. Pisaroi puusta pitkälle Drips Away From The Tree 05:35
09. Vaka vanha Old And Ancient 03:44
10. Tajuni uumenten taa Beyond The Depths Of Consciousness 09:12

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Reviews and Comments

Uumenissa is the perfect background music when the upcoming autumn nights are cold and you can smell its mysteries, where the shadows open the gates into astral worlds.
-Dajana, Nocturnal Hall


In short, this is a unique creation that will bring many new and strange images to the listener’s mind.
-Yury Arkadin, The Convivial Hermit


Simply gorgeous.
-Monica S. Kuebler, Exclaim!


For Metalheads who breakfast, lunch and dinner Metal, this is definitively not for you, for people with wider tastes in music, it is worth the try.
-Enrique Congrains. The Metal Observer


A must for all those who like Ambient music in its coldest form.
-Borja Menendez, Xtreem Music


Uumenissa-levy sisältää tunnin verran utuista äänimaisemointia, jossa saavutetaan suorastaan unenomainen tila.
-JarnoK, Sue


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