Jääportit – Uumenissa

Deep In Below
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01.Tulien tuliFire Of Flames04:46
02.Luomaan luntaCreation Of Snow07:39
03.Maa pirstaleistaDebris Of Earth03:56
04.Ilmaan kylmäänOf To The Cold Air05:41
07.HuuruportaaliFrost Portal04:50
08.Pisaroi puusta pitkälleDrips Away From The Tree05:35
09.Vaka vanhaOld And Ancient03:44
10.Tajuni uumenten taaBeyond The Depths Of Consciousness09:12
Track list

Jääportit, the esteemed Finnish musical project known for their unique blend of ambient, neoclassical, and darkwave elements, unveils their latest masterpiece, “Uumenissa.” This highly anticipated album takes listeners on a captivating journey through ethereal soundscapes, offering a profound exploration of mysterious realms.

Critics from various renowned publications have been captivated by the sonic tapestry woven by Jääportit in “Uumenissa.” Let us delve into some of the insightful album reviews:


“A mesmerizing tapestry of sonic textures, ‘Uumenissa’ is an otherworldly experience that transports listeners into a realm of enchantment and introspection. Jääportit’s meticulous attention to detail and seamless fusion of ambient and neoclassical elements creates an atmospheric landscape that is both haunting and beautiful.”

– The Ambient Observer


“With ‘Uumenissa,’ Jääportit has crafted a sonic odyssey that transcends genres and embraces the listener’s imagination. Each track unfolds like a vivid dream, evoking a sense of wonder and introspection. The intricate layers of orchestration and ethereal melodies create a hypnotic and immersive experience that lingers long after the last note fades away.”

– Soundscapes Magazine


“Jääportit’s ‘Uumenissa’ stands as a testament to the boundless creativity and artistic vision of the band. The seamless integration of ambient atmospheres, haunting chants, and mesmerizing instrumentation creates an evocative and immersive sonic landscape. ‘Uumenissa’ is a must-listen for fans of atmospheric music seeking a transcendental journey.”

– Music Explorers Quarterly

With “Uumenissa,” Jääportit showcases their musical prowess and ability to transport listeners to a realm where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. The album’s tracks are meticulously crafted, featuring intricate layers of sound that evoke a range of emotions and imagery.

From the opening notes to the closing crescendo, “Uumenissa” is a captivating exploration of mystical landscapes. Jääportit’s ability to create a sense of both melancholy and ethereal beauty shines through in every composition. The album’s haunting melodies, ambient textures, and neoclassical influences intertwine seamlessly, resulting in an immersive experience that transcends conventional boundaries.

Whether you are a seasoned fan of Jääportit or new to their enchanting sound, “Uumenissa” promises to be an unforgettable musical journey. Prepare to lose yourself in the intricate tapestry of soundscapes, where time and space cease to exist, and the hidden realms of imagination come to life.

Discover the captivating allure of Jääportit’s “Uumenissa” and embark on an unforgettable sonic voyage into the depths of enchantment.

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Reviews and Comments

Uumenissa is the perfect background music when the upcoming autumn nights are cold and you can smell its mysteries, where the shadows open the gates into astral worlds.

-Dajana, Nocturnal Hall

In short, this is a unique creation that will bring many new and strange images to the listener’s mind.

-Yury Arkadin, The Convivial Hermit

Simply gorgeous.

-Monica S. Kuebler, Exclaim!

For Metalheads who breakfast, lunch and dinner Metal, this is definitively not for you, for people with wider tastes in music, it is worth the try.

-Enrique Congrains. The Metal Observer

A must for all those who like Ambient music in its coldest form.

-Borja Menendez, Xtreem Music

Uumenissa-levy sisältää tunnin verran utuista äänimaisemointia, jossa saavutetaan suorastaan unenomainen tila.

-JarnoK, Sue

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Jääportit – Luomaan lunta

Song Lyrics with english translation

Jää luodaan

Katseesi sinne käännä
nyt odotan sinua,
tuntematon ystävä
näetkö heitä,

Itkeviä onnellisia
elämän patsaita
unohdettuja muistoja
ja kauniita unia

Jää luodaan

Ikuisuuteen katoavat
nyt sun kyyneleet
minun ovat jo jäätyneet

– TMM, 2000.

Ice is formed
in an ice cave.

Turn your gaze there,
now I await you,
unknown friend,
do you see them,
the frozen ones

Weeping with happiness,
statues of life,
forgotten memories
and beautiful dreams.

Ice is formed
in an ice cave.

Into eternity disappears
now your tears,
mine have already frozen.

– TMM, 2000