Autumn 1997, in a dark forest near small town, Northern Finland, the Gates of Ice opened for the first time. Jääportit: Halki lumisen metsän was composed and produced by T. M. Mäkelä during winter 1997–1998 and self-released in spring 1998.

Originally released as CD-R’s in 1998.
Re-released as pro-tape in 2020.


 Title in FinnishTitle in English
01.Kulkue varjojenCavalcade Of Shadows
02.Vaellus porteille TuonelanWandering To The Gates Of Underworld
03.Läpi lumimyrskynThrough The Frost Storm
04.YömustaaNight Darkness
05.Jään kirousThe Curse Of Ice
06.Sade mustan lumenRain Of Black Snow
07.Hänen jäätävä katseensaHer Freezing Gaze

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