Jääportit – “Jääportit” album released by Epidemie Records as CD, limited edition of 300 copies in hand numbered 6 panels digipacks, at February 8th 2018.

Jääportit music composed, created & produced and album covers designed by Tuomas M. Mäkelä in Northern Finland 2016-2018.



Title in Finnish Title in English
01. Taivaltaja tuntematon Unknown Wanderer 03:27
02. Synkkien aikojen partaalla On the Brink of Dismal Times 04:05
03. Jäävuori ajelehtii Drifting Iceberg 05:03
04. Olematta olemassa Without Existing 03:49
05. Kalmiston kangastus Mirage of Ancient Cemetery 06:22
06. Paskiaiset Bastards 04:27
07. Maailmanpuu World Tree 04:44
08. Aaveinen Ghostly 05:33
09. Samentuma Dispirited 04:16
10. Kuulaana kipuna Transparent Discomfort 04:00
11. Poies Away 04:14

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Album reviews

The record has been perfectly and masterfully composed; every synth, every effect, every filter is included with intent.
– KAYLA, Metalsucks.net

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