Voimasuo – available on 12th of May 2009!


The 4th full-length Jääportit album Voimasuo has finally been finished. Album will be released as 600 copies limited edition CD in 6-panel digipak covers by Epidemie Records, a fine indie record label in Czech Republic.

According to the latest information album will be available on 12th of May 2009!

Track listing of Voimasuo (Vigor Swamp):

01. Tuulten tuoja (Bearer of Winds)
02. Arvoitusten luona (Close to Mystery)
03. Suon sulaessa (Thawing Swamp)
04. Hengenvaara (Mortal Danger)
05. Sudenkuoppa (Wolf Pit)
06. Muuntuva suoja (Transforming Aegis)
07. Katoaminen tornissa (Disappearance in Tower)

Listen and download the album

<a href="http://jaaportit.bandcamp.com/album/voimasuo">Tuulten tuoja by Jääportit</a>