My Own Wolf: A New Approach to ULVER

Russian underground production team Aspherical Asphyxia has released an international tribute to ULVER called “My Own Wolf: A New Approach”. The nearly three-hour long set, which commemorates ULVER‘s 15th anniversary, is being released in two ways: The first is the free Internet release, available now via the project’s official web site. “My Own Wolf: A New Approach” will also be issued as a physical double-CD.

On July, 28th 2008 COLD DIMENSIONS – label will release “My Own Wolf: A New Approach to ULVER”, compilation achieved by an armarda of young and comparably ambitious artists that are rather inspired by the band’s great spirit and artistic vision than a mere form of musical expression. Thus this double CD contains songs from almost the band’s entire opus (from the legendary 1993 demo tape “Vargnatt” up to “Blood Inside” from 2005) in a wide range of styles and musical colours.

Jääportit is part of the compilation album with the cover of Ulver track “Gnosis” originally released on Metamorphosis EP. Our version includes vocals by Mindy and electric guitar played by Vesa Partti (of Sadkarma). You can listen to the track on Music website