Epidemie Records offers new albums for special price

On the Tuesday, 12th of May 2009, three new interesting full-length CD albums will be released by Czech label EPIDEMIE RECORDS.

JÄÄPORTIT – Voimasuo
Smashing new album of frosty Finnish project JÄÄPORTIT. Seven atmospheric compositions blending together dreamy ethereal ambient, cold rhythmical Nordic electronics and melancholic post-rock. The album is thematically dedicated to the world under transformation. Intense, strong, polymorphous and mostly instrumental album hardly fits in conventional categories, because it´s kind of a musical labyrinth, definitely worth of exploring. The album is coming out in nice six panels digipack in limited edition of 600 pieces.

THY CATAFALQUE – Róka hasa rádió

Hungarian THY CATAFALQUE was born in 1998 as epic black metal band. Since that time it has progressed to its actual, very original music that can be described as avant-garde post black metal / ambient / folk. Tamás Kátai and János Juhász, the forming couple of THY CATAFALQUE, invited nine other musicians (viola, cello, clarinet etc.) as guests and they recorded very unusual 70 minutes album called Róka hasa rádió. The whole album is in Hungarian, male vocal is completed with beautiful ethereal female voice of guest singer Ágnes Tóth (The Moon and the Nightspirit). Róka hasa rádió is coming out in nice eight panels digipack in limited edition of 600 pieces.

After very successful album Nearby Being (2006, in cooperation with Ad Lux Tenebrae project), a new album of mysterious project from Russian Ural is being released. 74 minutes long composition called Noughtwards is full of dark harmonic drones and subtle pulsations, and is meant to multiply your inner self by zero and to take you off… noughtwards. The album is coming out in nice six panels digipack in limited edition of 600 pieces.

Now Epidemie Records offers all of these albums for a special price:
13 EUR (1st class airmail included) for one CD or
30 EUR (Europe) / 31 EUR (World) (1st class airmail included and registered) for all three CD´s.

Take contact to Epidemie Records for PayPal address and other details.
E-mail: info@epidemie.cz
Website: www.epidemie.cz