Jääportit – Suon Sulaessa video

Uploaded new version of Suon sulaessa, track from Voimasuo album (released by Epidemie Records at May 12th 2009), on YouTube with better audio and video quality. Check on youtube at http://youtu.be/oVwetDkYzwA

Hexvessel’s Guide To Finnish Psychedelia

Mat Kvohst McNerney of the mighty Hexvessel presents an awesome mix of far-out Finnish sounds on Quietus Mix 71: Hexvessel’s Guide To Finnish Psychedelia. We’re proud that Jääportit was included on the mix too. He also wrote: Jääportit are a real space ticket. Our keyboard player Jussi is rarely seen without his Jääportit shirt, which…

Uumenissa album back in stock

We got our hands on the last copies of the original Jääportit – Uumenissa albums (released back in 2004 by Firebox Records). Albums are now available directly from the band! SUOMEKSI: Saimme käsiimme viimeisiä kappaleita alkuperäisiä Jääportit – Uumenissa -levyjä (julkaistu vuonna 2004). Levyjä on nyt saatavilla suoraan bändiltä. Listen to the album | Kuuntele…

Tuulten tuoja fan video

Here’s someone using our song Tuulten Tuoja on the background of this video footage from Iceland.

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Kuihtuman Henkivi – digital download

Jääportit track Kuihtuman Henkivi was originally released on compilation album ”YOGSOTHERY – Gate I: Chaosmogonic Rituals Of Fear” as CD in a cardboard slipcase with 20-page full colour booklet with liner notes and lyrics by I, Voidhanger Records at 2010. The compilation opens with a 25-minute track by Jääportit , a dark ambient / darkwave…

Various material available

Listen and download Jääportit material released on compilation albums during the years with the following music player or visit Jääportit page at BandCamp Tracks “Sydänyön samooja syvällä unten mailla ja metsien soilla” from “Sonic Visions of Middle-Earth” (2005) “Gnosis” from “My Own Wolf: A New Approach to Ulver” (2008) “Autius” from “Field Recordings Compilation Vol…