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  • New single “Kadonnut”

    New single “Kadonnut”

    Listen up latest footage found from the depths of mystic matters!

  • Jääportit – Autius

    Jääportit – Autius

    Jääportit track Autius (“Desolation”) from Field Recordings Compilation album Vol. 1 Some meditative aural tones for the cold and dark nights. Digital download at BandCamp

  • Jääportit – Suon Sulaessa video

    Uploaded new version of Suon sulaessa, track from Voimasuo album (released by Epidemie Records at May 12th 2009), on YouTube with better audio and video quality. Check on youtube at http://youtu.be/oVwetDkYzwA

  • Fan Video of Transforming Aegis

    Our fan called Hartsword made a video of our song Muuntuva suoja (Transforming Aegis). He said that “the materials I have used were from BBC series of Planet Earth. I think that mountains covered by snow and wild nature really fits with your music, especially with your newest album. ‘Voimasuo’ belongs to my TOP 5…