YOGSOTHERY compilation album out on November 15th 2010

Finally, the time has come for I, Voidhanger Records to inaugurate its series of special thematic releases centered on the osmotic relationship between metal and Literature. Out on November 15th, “Chaosmogonic Rituals Of Fear” is the first volume in the YOGSOTHERY trilogy of metal tributes to the genius of H.P. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos!

120 years after the birth of the gentleman from Providence, 4 underground bands passed the Gates of Unknown to distill their Lovecraftian cosmic visions of horror and madness in 4 monumental tracks, exclusive to this release. Secretly assembled during the years, ”YOGSOTHERY – Gate I: Chaosmogonic Rituals Of Fear” features over 77 minutes of obscure avant-garde prog metal, abysmal dark soundscapes and frightening blackened space-doom courtesy of the Finnish avant-masters AARNI and UMBRA NIHIL, the cosmic-ambient psychonauts JÄÄPORTIT (FIN), and the mysterious space-doom project CAPUT LVIIIm (ITA), a one-time-only monster featuring members of the necro-doomsters Malasangre and the black-ambient visionaries Tronus Abyss.

Track List:

I. JÄÄPORTIT – Kuihtuman Henkivi (25:31) Listen to sample
II.  UMBRA NIHIL – Suur-Nikkurin Virsi (10:46)
III.  AARNI – Lovecraft Knew (11:34)
IV.  CAPUT LVIIIm – Resurgent Atavism (29:57)

Total Time 77:48

Jewelcase CD housed in a cardboard slipcase. Comes with 20-page full-colour booklet complete with liner notes and lyrics!

Lovecraftian tribute-album

Finally some great news about long-waited compilation album paying tribute to the writer H. P. Lovecraft. It will be released after all by I, Voidhanger Records – obscure metal underground record label. Album begins with a dark ambient piece created by Jääportit that lasts about 25 minutes. Our track, titled as Kuihtuman henkivi, was actually finished back in 2006, so obviously it sounds quite different than our latest release. What a deep and dark journey to abyss it still is.

Quote from record label’s website:

“Graphic and layout for a secretly assembled tribute-album that will inaugurate a series of thematic releases on I, Voidhanger Records are almost complete.

78 minutes in length, the album will contain 4 exclusive tracks by the avant-garde/progressive doom masters AARNI and UMBRA NIHIL, the cosmic-ambient psychonauts JÄÄPORTIT, and the blackened space-doom project CAPUT LVIIIm (featuring members of necro-doomsters Malasangre, black-ambient visionaries Tronus Abyss, and avant-garde metallers Necroart).

Tentatively scheduled for a September release, the tribute will be out as a jewel case CD housed in a slipcase, with a 20-page full-colour booklet with lyrics and liner notes.
Check this page soon for an official and revelatory announcement. “

Field Recordings Compilation Vol. I

Jääportit participated on another compilation album Field Recordings Compilation Vol. I with a peaceful ambient track titled as “Autius”.

Album’s concept comes from the depths of Siberia. This various artists compilation features only field recordings including projects from Russia, Finland, Italy and other countries from around the globe. The cold sound of the wind from the frozen steppes right into your living room.

Album is a contribution of several peoples:
_Algol_ & Stuzha (idea, mixing, mastering, photos)
Tuomas M. Mäkelä from Jääportit (cover design and pictures)
Species Productions (printing, releasing and distributing)
Laurinda Demelo (photo artworks).

Album was released as 8-pages digibook CD-R by a Greece label Species Productions at July 2009.

For more info and purchasing the album visit these sites:

My Own Wolf: A New Approach to ULVER

Russian underground production team Aspherical Asphyxia has released an international tribute to ULVER called “My Own Wolf: A New Approach”. The nearly three-hour long set, which commemorates ULVER‘s 15th anniversary, is being released in two ways: The first is the free Internet release, available now via the project’s official web site. “My Own Wolf: A New Approach” will also be issued as a physical double-CD.

On July, 28th 2008 COLD DIMENSIONS – label will release “My Own Wolf: A New Approach to ULVER”, compilation achieved by an armarda of young and comparably ambitious artists that are rather inspired by the band’s great spirit and artistic vision than a mere form of musical expression. Thus this double CD contains songs from almost the band’s entire opus (from the legendary 1993 demo tape “Vargnatt” up to “Blood Inside” from 2005) in a wide range of styles and musical colours.

Jääportit is part of the compilation album with the cover of Ulver track “Gnosis” originally released on Metamorphosis EP. Our version includes vocals by Mindy and electric guitar played by Vesa Partti (of Sadkarma). You can listen to the track on Last.fm Music website