Participate in FB page like -raffle

Hello and congratulations to the 100-year-old Suomi-Finland!

So, there is already 924 likes on Jääportit Facebook page! Nice to see there is such many of you that likes my music. To celebrate new forthcoming album I decided that when there is at least 1000 likes on Jääportit Facebook page I will randomly choose one of you who likes the page and you will get the new forthcoming album and special bonus stuff for free!

I reckon reaching 1k likes takes quite a lot of time and new Jääportit album is already released by the time this happens and therefore I can give it out. Anyways, you don’t have to do anything else but push like button of the Jääportit Facebook page at, and if you already have, you can be the winner. After the raffle is done, I will announce the name of the winner on the page.

Disclaimer: raffle isn’t sponsored by or associated with Facebook itself.

Best regards,

New album coming out in the beginning of 2018

Now, it’s official. News from Epidemie Records website:

Finnish ambient project JÄÄPORTIT that celebrates its 20th anniversery is finishing a new album.

Talentated Finnish composer Tuomas M. Mäkelä, who is hidden behind a mysterious name JÄÄPORTIT, brought his ambient project into being in 1997. His creation can be described as dreamlike and melancholic, evoking atmosphere of abandonned freezy Nordic landscape. Musical expression of the project moved from clearly ambient to much more colourful and absorbed elements of many assorted styles, especially of post rock and subtle Nordic electronics.

In 2006 Epidemie Records released the third album of JÄÄPORTIT called Avarrus and in 2009 the fourth one, Voimasuo. The fifth regular album is going to be released in the beginning of 2018.

New single “Ajaton Olema”

Hello. For all of those who might be wondering about new Jääportit material, I’ve been working on many other time consuming music projects besides Jääportit, therefore this project has been lurking in the shadows for some time.

Yet it is hard to say will there be another album or not, but I decided to release this new single track titled “Ajaton Olema” digitally anyways. Making of the track was started in 2011 and mix was finished in 2014. If you like, listen to it at SoundCloud or YouTube.

The fact is that Jääportit lives on, no matter what I do or don’t do, and as a one-man project, Jääportit can’t never split up. All possibilities are open, there’s always an another gateway to be found and sounds to explore.

More to come, I might say.

With the best regards,
T. M. Mäkelä, Jääportit