Jääportit Performing at Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV

The frigid winds of Finland weren’t just metaphorical at Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV.

This past weekend, at The Raven in Worcester, Massachusetts (March 29th-31st), I had the privilege of joining Finnish music project Jääportit onstage for electrifying live debut. This three-day festival is a haven for dungeon synth enthusiasts, and performing with Jääportit was an experience that sent shivers (both literal and metaphorical) down my spine.

Jääportit is known for its melancholic beauty and atmospheric soundscapes. My music is to conjures vast, icy landscapes with melodies that evoke a sense of isolation and wonder. For Northeast Dungeon Siege, Jääportit brought these sounds to life in a whole new way, and I was honored to be a part of it.

The energy in the room crackled with anticipation as Jääportit took the stage. The set list, which will be included below, was a carefully curated journey through Jääportit’s musical history. From tracks from the first release to newer compositions, each piece transported the audience deeper into their world of frozen beauty and lurking darkness. Notably, the set closed with a hauntigly beautiful, previously unreleased track titled “Muinaisvoimaa (Ancient Power)” leaving a sweet reverberation that perfectly captured the chill of a northern Finnish winter night.

Looking beyond the performance itself, the entire Northeast Dungeon Siege experience was phenomenal. A huge thanks to the organizers for putting on such a fantastic event! Their dedication to the dungeon synth scene is truly inspiring. But the real magic happened beyond the stage.

The trip was made even more special by the incredible people I met. From fellow artists like Talvi, DIM, Erang, Quest Master, Aura Merlin, to amazing people like Josh, Shane, Tirith, Krystal, Peter Beste, Kyle and countless others, the camaraderie and shared passion for this unique genre was truly heartwarming.

Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV will forever hold a special place in my memory. It was a weekend filled with incredible music, the forging of new friendships, and the exhilarating experience of performing with Jääportit.

Jääportit at Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV – Set List
  1. Kulkue varjojen (Cavalcade Of Shadows)
  2. Vaellus porteille Tuonelan (Wandering To The Gates Of Underworld)
  3. Talvenkaltainen (Winterlike)
  4. Kauan koskematon (Aeons Untouched)
  5. Tulensinisen hohto (Shining Of Fire Blue)
  6. Hänen jäätävä katseensa (Her Freezing Gaze)
  7. Maa pirstaleista (Debris Of Earth)
  8. Arvoitusten luona (Close to Mystery)
  9. Poies (Away)
  10. Taianomainen (Magical)
  11. Muinaisvoimaa (Ancient Power)
Jääportit at Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV – Gig review

“Jääportit closed the show and people who made it all three days were grateful to close out the show with transcendent winter synth. I do not know how ‘Kauan Koskematon’ was received in 1999 upon its release but since then has become a touchstone record for fans of dungeons and cosmic space synth. I’m sure everyone’s feet were tired at that moment and those who had been drinking for three days I’m sure there was a blissful astral projection which happened amid the simple projection of falling snow. Jääportit transformed the last day and final hours of NEDS into a kingdom of ice where feelings of both loneliness and magic existed for a brief moment.”

Written by Jonathan Carbon on “More True Than Time Thought: Dungeon Synth Live!”-article about Northeast Dungeon Siege in Worcester MA, 3/28-4/1, on Invisible Oranges -blog

Live photos by Hillarie Jason

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Northeast Dungeon Siege MMXXIV, The Raven, Worcester, MA 2/31/2024