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  • Interview in Deadly Illness ‘Zine #7

    Interview in Deadly Illness ‘Zine #7

    Participated on the Deadly Illness ‘Zine #7 with a very in-depth interview. Check out this awesome Hungarian musically doomed and unfit underground fanzine magazine (written in English) if you like to read more about Jääportit and other interesting topics such as death, doom metal, sludge, punk, synth and HP Lovecraft. All orders come with a […]

  • Jääportit interview in Inferno Magazine

    Jääportit interview in Inferno Magazine

    Jääportit was interviewed for Finnish metal magazine Inferno in article called “dungeon synth special”. Other artists involved was Mortiis and Druadan Forest. Magazine can be read digitally online, but it is written in Finnish only.

  • Schedule Changes in Radio Interview

    A rare and tremendous piece of bad luck stroke! Recent weather over London has caused damage to Resonance fm’s studio roof and the entire station will be running archive material, while the station is being repaired. Therefore Jääportit interview will have to be put to Monday May 14th at 23:30 GMT. FIN: Huomiokaa, että täällä…