Jääportit Deluxe 2-Tape Set with Patch

“Halki lumisen metsän” & “Kauan koskematon” tapes out at February 20th, 2020

Hey, let’s start the year with good news!

The first Jääportit releases “Halki lumisen metsän” and “Kauan koskematon” will be
re-released as cassette-tapes by Out Of Season label based in Maine, USA.

Releases to be available are:

  • JÄÄPORTIT Deluxe 2-tape box (lim. 100 w/ patch & obi)
  • JÄÄPORTIT “Kauan Koskematon” pro-tape (Lim. 100)
  • JÄÄPORTIT “Halki Lumisen Metsän” pro-tape (Lim. 100)
  • JÄÄPORTIT logo patch

Pre-order starts this saturday, February 1, 2020 at www.outofseasonlabel.com

Official release date is February 20, 2020.


Jääportit “Halki lumisen metsän” – pro-tape

Jääportit – “Kauan koskematon” – pro-tape

Update 1.1.2021:

All tapes of this limited edition are sold out.