1. Taivaltaja tuntematon

2. Synkkien aikojen partaalla

3. Jäävuori ajelehtii

4. Olematta olemassa

5. Kalmiston kangastus

6. Paskiaiset

7. Maailmanpuu

8. Aaveinen

9. Samentuma

10. Kuulaana kipuna

11. Poies

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Jääportit – “Jääportit” album released by Epidemie Records as CD, limited edition of 300 copies in hand numbered 6 panels digipacks, at February 8th 2018.


Tracklist (in Finnish & in English)
01. Taivaltaja tuntematon (Unknown Wanderer)
02. Synkkien aikojen partaalla (On the Brink of Dismal Times)
03. Jäävuori ajelehtii (Drifting Iceberg)
04. Olematta olemassa (Without Existing)
05. Kalmiston kangastus (Mirage of Ancient Cemetery)
06. Paskiaiset (Bastards)
07. Maailmanpuu (World Tree)
08. Aaveinen (Ghostly)
09. Samentuma (Dispirited)
10. Kuulaana kipuna (Transparent Discomfort)
11. Poies (Away)

Artist: Jääportit

Label: Epidemie Records

Release Date: February 09, 2018

People: Tuomas M. Mäkelä

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Album Reviews

 Finnish solo artist Jääportit has been bringing us meticulously crafted atmospheric music since 1997. His fifth full-length album, which is self-titled, may not be brutal or in your face, but it sure as hell will freeze your tits off. When it comes to ambient music, I can take it or leave it. If it has the power to drag me in without being distracting, great; if not, I won’t bother, and most of the time it falls into the latter category. This album is an exception – Jääportit is the prime example of what ambient music should sound like (in my very humble opinion). Yes, it’s slow and it’s repetitive, but if you listen closely there’s a great deal of nuance that makes the record into the masterpiece that it is. The fusion of melancholy guitars with subtle electronic sounds will sweep you away to a frozen Nordic landscape. As a fan of electronica myself, I’m blown away by Jääportit’s use of it; not once was I thrown off thinking, “Hmm, that sounds weird.” The record has been perfectly and masterfully composed; every synth, every effect, every filter is included with intent. 

Kayla / Metalsucks.net, March 20th, 2018

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