My Own Wolf: A New Approach to Ulver

Internet-release by Aspherical Asphyxia at 25th December, 2007.
Physical 2CD Digipak-release by Cold Dimensions at 28th July, 2008.


Jääportit created cover of Ulver track Gnosis, which was originally released on Metamorphosis EP at 1999. The music and sound of Jääportit track “Gnosis” was created, mixed and produced by Tuomas M. Mäkelä at Kajekammio, 2007. Track includes vocals by Mindy and electric guitar played by Vesa Partti (of Sadkarma).

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Tracklist CD1

01. Unfurl Lost in Moments
02. Avathar Utreise
03. Mura Hachigu feat. Nokturnes Blinded by Blood
04. Smohalla Le Trone de la Tragedie
05. Asmodee Wolf and Hatred
06. Selvmord Wolf and Devil
07. Sael Wolf and Passion
08. Otzepenevshiye Wolf and Destiny (Forest Fire version)
09. Wardaemonic Nattens Madrigal
10. FB[Force] Graablick Blew Hun Vaer
11. Karna Naturmystikk
12. Fluoryne Not Saved
13. Year Zero Nowhere / Catastrophe
14. Sinestesia Tomorrow Never Knows

Tracklist CD2

01. Pryapisme In the Red
02. Joey Hopkins Midget Factory Catalept
03. Aidan Baker Eitttlane
04. Panacea Enterpainment Porn Piece or the Scars of Cold Kisses
05. project:a Ulver
06. Cataplus Hoyfjeldsbilde
07. Jääportit Gnosis
08. Wheel of Knowledge Lyckantropen Themes
09. Zweizz Kledt I Nattens Farget
10. Bosque Utreise
11. Noises of Russia Darling, didnt We Kill You?
12. Ashtar The Marriage of Heaven & Hell Medley


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Reviews and comments

Jääportit morphs ‘Gnosis’ into an 11-minute monster of menacing atmospheres, rolling beats, and female vocals; it’s much, much stronger than the original.
-Invisible Oranges


Myös kotomaamme toiselle edustajalle eli Jääporteille täytyy antaa tunnustus fiilistelevien konekomppien ja naislaulujen käytöstä Gnosis-kappaleessa.
-Antti Klemi,


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