Field Recordings Compilation Vol I was a 8-pages digipack CD-r released by Species Productions at 2009.

A compilation concept from the depths of Siberia. This various artists compilation features only field recordings, including projects from Russia, Finland, Italy and other countries from around the globe. The cold sound of the wind from the frozen steppes right into your living room.

Music and sounds for Jääportit song Autius (“Desolation” in English) was composed, mixed and produced by Tuomas M. Mäkelä at Kajekammio, 2008. Tuomas also created cover design for the album.


#ArtistTrack Title
02.dronaementThese bells are made for walking
04.KOMMPOUNDFrom Apollo to Jesus Christ
05.DocRoda Linen
06.NightechCreeping Dead Zones
08.Dahlia’s TearA Message From Nowhere
09.PhaenonChamber of Shadows
10.StuzhaAlone in the Cave
12.Valerio OrlandiniThe Shower

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