1. Tuulten tuoja

2. Arvoitusten luona

3. Suon sulaessa

4. Hengenvaara

5. Sudenkuoppa

6. Muuntuva suoja

7. Katoaminen tornissa

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CD Digipak (EPR 067) released by Epidemie Records at 12th of May, 2009.

Music composed, arranged, engineered and produced by Tuomas M. Mäkelä at Kajekammio, Finland, 2006-2009.

Voice & lyrics for “Hengenvaara”, violin and album cover artwork by Mindy.

Artist: Jääportit

Label: Epidemie Records

Release Date: May 12, 2015

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Album Reviews

 There are only a handful of artists who can produce meticulous and intelligently crafted ambience. We all know what the likes of Brian Eno, Peter Christopherson and Brian Williams are capable of, but few are aware of Finland’s Jääportit. ‘Voimasuo’ is testament to the second-to-none material that Jääportit produces, with artwork by violinist Mindy M. Heinonen completing the concept as a soundscape for Finland’s eerie ice-coated climate. Opener ‘Tuulten Tuoja’ is like hurtling into a psychedelic abyss of prog-rock ecstasy. The intensity of the music is inexplicable and wholly overwhelming, with an Ozric Tentacles-style riff that will please progressive metal fans. Elsewhere ‘Hengenvaara’ is gentler and provides the album’s only lyrics, before ‘Sudenkuoppa’ and ‘Muuntuva Suoja’ bring it back to the celestial rock-ambience. A work so technologically adept it’s not of this time. 

Will Stone, Terrorizer

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